Monday, September 30, 2013

A Flower Girl

When Lily's godmother asked her to be the flower girl at her wedding, we knew it would be perfect. Lily is just the sort of kid that shines when given the opportunity, and we are always looking for the chance to do something special with this middle child of ours.  So off we went to Austin, Texas, just Ben, myself and Lily, for a weekend adventure.

The wedding was absolutely beautiful.  Everything: the liturgy, presided over by one of our favorite priests, who baptized Zosia when she was a baby;  the music, which was elegant and beautiful, much like the bride herself; the vows; the church, filled with old friends and other people who love the bride and groom.  There's nothing like going to a wonderful wedding to renew the love and commitment and sense of purpose in your own marriage.  We loved it.

And of course Lily did shine!  The other flower girl was just Hugo's age, and as soon as we explained to Lily that she would need to guide her down the aisle, she was filled with a sense of resolve and purpose.  She calmly, resolutely held Delaney's hand and slowly walked down the aisle, looking around and smiling as she went.  "I'm going to be the most beautiful bride!" she had chirped as I did her hair in the morning.  And indeed, she was!  Well, flower girl, bride, whatever.  I'm not sure I ever really understood the difference when I was four and a flower girl, either.

And since we were in a new city, we got to do a little bit of exploring with friends along the way, which I will share tomorrow!  Have a wonderful Monday!


One and Doll said...

I think is is aweseome that you were able to go to Lauren's wedding and just with Lily -how special for her!!!

I remember a wedding that you came to with Zosia and pregnant with Lily! :)

Love to you all!

Adele said...

It was great! And we were just remembering your wedding: the rendition of Servant Song in which you and Sean sung the verses to one another will remain our favorite wedding music to date.

Melissa said...

She does look beautiful! I see so much of Ben in her. :-)