Sunday, August 25, 2013

And Now We Are Six

photos by Zosia

Our Zosia turned *six* this week.  And maybe it's because we adore this girl at every single stage, but she makes six look pretty wonderful.  She is so sweet, mature and caring, and everything seems to go more smoothly when she is around.  Because she marches to the beat of her own drummer, she decided she wanted to meet up at the nature center with a few friends for her birthday and learn about frogs (does anyone remember when she turned four and wanted a dinosaur themed birthday?).  So the nature center it was, followed by some stomping in the creek.

Her one request for her birthday was to have her own real camera, not a toy camera, and she has been meticulously documenting life with it ever since (this must come with the territory of having a mom who keeps a blog).  At the end of her birthday, she enthusiastically asked, "Mom, can I put these on the internet?" to which I asked "How on earth does she know about the existence of the internet?"  But here we are, and here are her pictures.  A birthday through the eyes of Zosia, filled with the things she loves.  We are so looking forward to this next year together.  Happy birthday, darling!

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