Monday, August 12, 2013

18 Weeks Pregnant With Twins


Hi there!  We're embarking upon a little adventure, but before I slip way behind in my pregnancy updates (I'm already behind a week) I thought I would fill you in on this last week of pregnancy!  These babies are growing and moving prodigiously.  Which makes sense, because I am also slowing down at an equally impressive speed.  I'm doing my best to let these babies set the pace, which can be tricky, let me tell you, especially when you're used to being an ambitious and capable young adult.
 When my body tells me it's time to rest, I have learned that it's time to rest, or else I end up regretting it later.  When it's time to eat, it's time to eat.  No questions asked.

In most regards, the children have been better tended to than ever, because I suddenly posses complete understanding of their own physical limitations.  We take frequent rests, frequent snacks, and a nice long afternoon rest.  It's actually a great learning experience to feel as they must most of the time.We are learning to take it easy, and enjoy one another's company in the midst of it.

Which brings me to our current adventure which (for better or worse) has involved quite a bit of excitement and activity!  But I will fill you in on all of that soon, maybe tomorrow.

Happy Monday!


Melissa said...

If you were any cuter, you'd be twins! Oh, wait . . . :-)

It's wonderful to see the insights you are gaining from this pregnancy and the joy with which you and your family are meeting it! God bless all of you!

Adele said...

Thanks, Melissa! I'm already getting geared up for the twins stealing the show. :)