Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hot hot summer

Whew!  It's been hot and we've been passing the time either at the pool, where the girls finished up their swim lessons today (and got little trophies!  Can you imagine how thrilled they were?), or at home keeping cool.  These are the Virginia summers I remember.  Hot and humid and oppressively hot, just as it should be.  These long hot days give us a little reason to take a break inside, reading books together or making pancakes.  It's sort of nice, in the middle of the most active and exhausting season of the year to be taking a break to make play dough or play dressup inside.  Hugo has become the girls' little dressup buddy, and he can be cast as anything from a ballerina to a baby in the circus (this was especially cute, as Lily was the ringmaster leading him around by a rope).  It warms my heart to see them welcoming him into their play.

I have made it a habit to take a nap every single afternoon, which has been totally amazing.  Pregnant women everywhere, feel free to take naps!  Actually, any and all people everywhere, feel free to take naps!  It really is a rite of summer.

We have stayed for a bit at the pool every morning, and Hugo has come to tolerate and even enjoy the water, which makes us all so happy.  We started out bribing him with M&Ms, then coerced him into the pool until he decided it was okay.  Today the two of us even spent our time laughing and playing together, which is so much better.  There is nothing he loves more than watching his sisters jump and dive into the water, which means he has some great entertainment.  And those couple of hours we've spent outside in the morning have given us all some pretty awesome tan lines.

I've been hopping all around town figuring things out about these twins, but I'll share more with you about that some other time.  In the meantime, I hope you're enjoying whatever summer has in store for you and staying cool!

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