Saturday, July 27, 2013

16 Weeks Pregnant With Twins

 (with my entourage, complete with a builder hat and Selma)

The past couple of weeks I have become quite obviously, undeniably pregnant!  Woo hoo!  Friends and strangers alike greet me, and then my pregnant belly, with eye contact.  A whole table of neighbors stood in unison when they noticed I was looking for a chair.  This being pregnant with twins thing?  Not half bad.

This week we found a wonderful practice of midwives who are excited to support us in a fully natural birth: no induction, no epidural, just labor as it was intended to be.  It was a small miracle to be accepted as their patient, and when we met with the head midwife, we fully understood why they are in such high demand.  Thoughtful, caring, and very experienced with childbirth, they only have a 5% c-section rate for their in-hospital births, which is pretty great.  I fully believe that God entrusted my body with these two babies for a reason.  My body is capable of doing this, every bit of it.  I am so thrilled to be receiving care from professions who agree.

Hugo has adopted Veronica (we really need to actually give these babies names before it is too late to change the children's minds!) and likes to put almonds in my bellybutton for her.  It is quite sweet.  But in truth, those almonds would be of more use in my mouth, as I've been experiencing intense hunger unlike anything I have known outside of the early days of nursing (nursing mothers, you know just what I mean).  Ben has been relishing the opportunity to prepare me a huge breakfast of bacon, eggs, fruit, an english muffin, milk, and coffee.  And that barely takes the edge off the hunger.  Grow, babies, grow!

And as if to march in time with my appetite, my emotions have been present and oh so intense.  It doesn't take much to get me to tear up.  Realizing Ben took a sandwich to work that I had been hoping to have for lunch?  Seeing a mother being sweet to her child?  Watching the Pope at World Youth Day?   Oh brother, this is bad.

I just found a post I made when I was 16 weeks pregnant with Hugo and quite proud of my pregnant belly.  Move over, singleton pregnancy, the twins are here!  


Melissa said...

Oh, Adele, this all makes me so happy! The one thing lacking is Ben. You need to get somebody else to take one of those "progress report" pix. He would have looked just great with your devoted entourage!

Adele said...

I'm sure one of these days he'll make an appearance, although a full family picture is one of those once in a full moon occurrences. :) for now we're feeling pretty accomplished to get a once a week belly shot, as none my pregnancies thus far have been documented. Clearly we need to train the children as photographers.