Wednesday, May 8, 2013


You know how it is when you go to the thrift store.  Hit or miss.  You can't entirely plan to buy a specific thing, because you have no idea if they will have it.  For me, a much better approach towards going to the thrift store is having some categories of things in mind, and checking to see if they have any of them.  For us at the moment, those categories are something like this:

 ::books, specifically nature books or high quality children's books
:: children's clothing (the right size, comfortable, and cute.  I tend to be partial towards things that are vintage-y) Lily is modeling a romper I found for her yesterday.
::baskets or storage containers
::quilts, especially ones that are pretty and handmade
::women's dresses
::men's button down shirts
::pitchers.  For some reason I am obsessed with pitchers.

It's pretty easy to scan the store to see if they have anything special, and I can usually be in and out quickly.  Yesterday I felt especially lucky to find a beautiful smocked cotton communion dress (two years off, but I will save it!  And hopefully use it a few times!) with a peter pan collar for $2.99, which sort of reminded me of a beautiful one I saw and loved on etsy a while back for a good bit more (ahem, almost 10 times more, actually).  Really awesome, if you ask me.


Oregon-Mama said...

Ooh, such great finds! I'm on the hunt for old sheets. Sounds strange, but they're usually so soft and we stayed at a beach house last weekend and our bed had old sheets with bright pink and yellow flowers on them and they made me SO happy! I need to find some!

Adele said...

That doesn't sound strange at all! Old sheets ARE the best... they are actually one of my favorite things to use for sewing projects because they have such darling patterns on them.