Friday, May 10, 2013

Tea Time

Every afternoon Lily and I have a bit of time just us two ladies.  After a brief reading lesson (Lily is so eager to start learning!  We have loved using this book with Zosia and Lily as we're getting started), but before we pick Zosia up from the bus stop, we have some free time.  And what better way to fill free time than with a tea party?

Lily is quite the proper lady.  When she passes you something, she is sure to say, "Here you go, Madame."  She loves to exclaim over the fine quality of our tea, and is eager to pour a cup for any friend or sibling who might be in the vicinity.  Yesterday, our tea blend was one bag of calming herbal tea (think sleepytime), and one bag of licorice tea, poured over with hot water from the tap, and sweetened with a teaspoon of sugar.  It was delicious.  I love that photo of Lily closing her eyes while drinking her tea.  She is not blinking, that is actually just how she drinks it.  Closing her eyes, she takes a long sip, just to relish the flavor.

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