Wednesday, April 17, 2013

On a Normal Evening

::Watching for Ben to come home.  A full family affair, with bonus points for whoever spots him first.
::Dinner, followed by the mandatory dessert (raspberry linzer torte)
::Many helping hands around the dinner table: setting the table, serving food, and loading the dishwasher are chores that have been emphatically claimed by the children.
::Rub a dub dub, three children in the tub.  All three fit in together.  It's a production line clean up operation.
::Brushing teeth, reading books, and bedtime prayers.  Children are sleeping before the sun goes down and the house is utterly quiet with three sleeping babies under the roof.

*Boston is very close to our hearts: it is where we lived as a newlywed couple, where Zosia was born, and home to some of our dearest friends.  Sending love and prayers to a city that, despite anything, continues to be incredible.

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