Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Ballerina Teatime

Happy Birthday to my sweetest little Lily.  Four years ago she was born to our family on the couch in the basement.  When we met her on that day, we learned that she is full of joy.  Wonderfully, energetically, mischievously full of joy, and our days are so much brighter because of it.  Laid back, creative, and fancy as they come, she is right at the center of this little family of ours.

We celebrated with a most intimate ballerina teatime (when you turn four in our family, you can invite four friends) that turned into quite an entertaining afternoon (who knew that watching children take down a ballet slipper pinata could be so utterly absorbing?  Better than football, I think, and I like football).  The flowers are all in bloom this week, which is just as it happened the year she was born.  Perfectly lovely.  


Anonymous said...

What a fabulous ballerina theme! Blessings!

Adele said...

Thanks, Suz! It is definitely fun to have a really girly girl who loves this stuff. :-)