Thursday, April 25, 2013

In the Dirt, Talking, and Bon Appetite

On a typical morning, it is quite likely you will find Hugo digging in the dirt.  Usually by my side while I am gardening, or at a makeshift "mud pie kitchen" in the backyard.  Most of the time he is "baking" or making little truck and train noises while he lifts and pushes heaps of dirt.  In my book, there is nothing as beautiful as a happy child covered in dirt (or a bathtub filled with the dirt that has been washed off of this child), which is a convenient thing since Hugo loves playing in the dirt and needed two such baths today.

Hugo has become quite the talker these past few weeks.  His favorite words are an enthusiastic "Hi!" and "Yeah!" (these two words alone seem to get you far in life).  He's at that cute stage where he will eagerly attempt to repeat just about any word and is constantly narrating life in a series of sentence-like intonations that very clearly mimic speech, aside from the fact that they contain very few real words.  It brings us such joy to hear our baby finding his voice.

And while I'm giving the Hugo related updates, I should add that he has also become an adventurous  and eager eater, enjoying things like sardines, brussel sprouts, mangos and whole milk yogurt.  One day this week he sat down for a second breakfast and ate three cups of yogurt like it was no big deal.  He seems to be trying new things every day and eating with unbridled enthusiasm.  To think that my picky eater has developed such an complex palate reminds me that just about every challenge of parenthood is simply a short lived stage, which, when met with gentleness, support and love (and patience!  Isn't that a big one?), pass with time.

So, happy digging and bon appetite!  Radishes from our garden were on the menu this evening and they were delicious.

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