Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Feb 27: I love

small sandwiches ("belegte brötchen" to Ben's family) for dinner.  Tuesday nights I am kind of busy getting ready for a hypnobirthing class, so something very easy and crowd pleasing is always on the menu.

Going clockwise from top, we have anchovies (yum!  Hugo ate these plain, after blowing on them as if they were hot, that funny boy), boiled eggs (9 minutes in  boiling water makes them perfect: firm but still bright bright orange in the middle), french bread, a pepper for the kids and a salad for me and Ben, apples, Havarti cheese, and salami.  Favorite combinations include little sandwiches made of egg slices with anchovies, or salami and havarti, but I like to get really crazy and have havarti with anchovies. By the end of dinner there was exactly one egg, two slices of pepper, and a small heel of bread remaining.  I guess we can eat a lot.


Kerry said...

Looks delicious!

Adele said...

It is a favorite around here!