Sunday, December 2, 2012

In Which We Decorate a Small Tree

Our little tree fits just perfectly in the corner of our living room.  As you see, I had two little helpers who took care of all of the decorating (does anyone else let the kids put on the ornaments and then do just the littlest bit of evening things out?  I noticed all of our ornaments landed on the bottom foot of the tree).  The girls were fabulous helpers, and for now all we put on the tree were some white lights and our indestructible background ornaments which are either straw ornaments which we have gathered from Polish and German relatives alike, or paper ornaments.  The "special" ornaments, which we have gathered over the years will go on the tree one by one on each day of Advent, which I am hoping will add to the suspense of the season plus result in fewer broken ornaments.

Of course we are fully in the swing of decorating the tree now, so today after church the girls went back to work, adding more ornaments and rearranging existing ones.

We had our first Advent celebration this afternoon, which was the perfect highlight of the weekend. We're still figuring out what this Advent will look like for our family this year, so I'll try to drop in in the next day or two and share some of the things that have been working for us, and I would love to hear how your family marks this season, too!


Melody said...

Your tree is beautiful :) I love that it is small but still shaped so nicely! We celebrate Advent as well...This year we are doing the Jesse Tree Advent which we downloaded for free from A Holy Experience...I do have a question for you if you don't mind I like the straw animals on the mantle...Is there a meaning behind them or just cute decoration? Thanks! Melody

Adele said...

Melody, we have done the Jesse Tree from a Holy Experience in previous years and enjoyed it! Rams, stars and angels are the most typical representations in the straw ornaments. The rams represent sacrifice, as in the ram that Abraham sacrifices in place of Isaac. It ties right in with the whole idea of the Jesse Tree, which is that Jesus is the final sacrifice. That, and they're cute, too. :-)