Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Week in Pictures

:: Watercolors = the perfect way to spend a hot hot afternoon
:: Hugo at the tail end of the roadtrip (the light at the end of the tunnel)
:: Life on the road is tiring with little kids, isn't it?  Ben, catching some zzzs in a room full of playing children
:: Some new books from the thrift store
:: I sprained my ankle.  It hurt horribly, we went to the hospital, and after two days of bedrest, I got off crutches and was able to walk normally.  A small miracle, if you ask me
:: I promise, we do not keep Hugo in a cage.  I have no idea how this picture got on my phone, but it made me laugh
:: Life is an adventure, don't you think? I am very much enjoying this quieter, more restful week after what felt like a bit of whirlwind.  Sometimes, boring can be a nice change of pace.

1 comment:

Lauren Oliver said...

Oh my goodness- Hugo in a cage! And, a sprained ankle! Do I need to come bring some order around there?! ;p