Friday, July 6, 2012

A Postcard from Sunny Southern Pines


July 2, 2012

Hello Friends,

How are you?  It has been beautiful here in Pinehurst.  The other day we went down to the Village of Southern Pines for the morning and ate at the most delicious crepes restaurant.  Ben and I had some savory crepes and the kids (plus cousins Annelise and Caroline) had crepes with nutella and strawberries (the ideal lunch, if you ask me).  It is very quaint and southern down here: I forget how comforting those melodious southern accents can be.  It makes me miss the "real" south!

Hope this finds you well,


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Meade Skelton Haufe said...

I believe Virginia is the real South, though. I live in Richmond. It just oozes South, more so than Charlotte or Atlanta. My family is from Virginia. Its just like we have so many northerners living here now. But I find Southern in many small Virginia towns and friendly people. North Carolina has become what happened to occupied Virginia 30 years ago. God Bless!