Friday, June 15, 2012

In Which Hugo Turns One


Hugo. you turned one yesterday, and we made sure that you had plenty of your favorite things.  You got into the dogfood and were allowed to finish your mouthful, played on the swingset with your sisters, and received more snuggles from your mama than you knew that to do with.  And being the birthday boy and all, we encouraged you to get into as much mischief as possible, because really, you are just too good, my dear.  Not only did I let you play with the lamp in the living room, but I encouraged it.  I think you caught on by the afternoon, when you woke up scandalously early from your nap.  That's how you do it, Hugo!  Live it up, you're one!  And what would a birthday be without a cake lovingly prepared by your sisters? Oh, we really can't wait to spend the next year in your company!

We love you love you love you, Hugo!  

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