Monday, June 18, 2012

A Double Baptism

Isn't he dapper in his suit?
"Woo hoo I'm baptized," says Lily.  Actually, the kids were chasing each other.
There's nothing like the unbounded joy of children to remind us of God's love!
Hint: she isn't really praying.  But this is cute, isn't it?
Aunt Irene is visiting! We are all smiling from ear to ear.
Hugo and his godparents, Robbie and Meg.
Lily and her godparents, Robbie and Lauren.
With four vivacious grandparents who all model Christian lives.
Taking over the shady benches at Shrilington with our cookies and coffee.
Fishing for pennies in the fountain.  This eventually led to Lily re-baptizing herself: it is unknown whether intentionally or inadvertently.

We gathered at our little church this past Saturday to baptize Hugo and Lily.  We were joined by friends and family members young and old, and it was a beautiful, memorable morning.  It's not every day that you welcome two of your children into God's community! When we emerge from the baptismal water, we are called God's beloved sons and daughters.  My prayer for these two little ones is that they will feel that deep beloved-ness and be compelled to share it with others!


İbrahim Meriç said...

fotoğraflarda mutluluk var.

Adele said...

It's true! Our hearts are very full.