Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fruit Fly Catcher Repost Time

Okay, since we have one of these going on our counter with something like 500 fruit flies already dead inside, I figured it was time to share this simple fruit fly catcher with you once again!

What is it with this time of year and fruit flies? No matter how quickly you go through your fruit, they seem to appear, seemingly out of nowhere. Years back, Ben and I learned this quick, natural, easy way to ELIMINATE your fruit flies, and it's so effective, I thought I would share it here.

You will need:
a cup
a piece of paper
a piece of tape
some water
some vinegar
some dish soap

That's it!

Make a little funnel out of your paper, simply by rolling it up to a dime sized point on one side (if you look at my picture, you can see what I mean). Tape in place with your piece of tape.

Now, put about a quarter cup of water in your cup, followed by a quarter cup of vinegar (we used cider vinegar, just because that was what was on hand) and a teaspoon of dish soap. Mix together gently.

Place your funnel on top of the glass, and viola! I keep mine next to our fruit bowl, and you will see that in a few hours time, the liquid will be filled with with flies (yuck! But better than circling around your fruit), and within a day, the fruit flies will disappear all together. Definitely one of my favorite natural home fixes.


The Benningtons said...

Thank you for sharing! I am going to make one of these tomorrow!!!

Melissa said...

Oh yes, thank you! It is that time of year again.

I'll have to share this with my friend who, if you can believe it, breeds fruit flies in his house. On purpose! To be fair, he's breeding a non-flying genetic mutation, and the flies are for feeding his pet frog, but still...

I was visiting the other day and a flying variety got in to his sample, creating quite a mess.

Adele said...

I've never heard of breeding fruit flies, but I suppose his frog is quite content! Any luck with the trap?