Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Finding a Summertime Groove

Summertime has officially arrived: preschool is out, the pool is open, and somewhat serendipitously, Hugo has stopped napping in the morning, which means we have huge chunks of time to go on little adventures.  We're just getting back into the swing of what to do in the summer: yesterday, my children spent thirty solid minutes staring adoringly at the swim team practicing (I must admit, it was quite mesmerizing!).  A trip to the petstore is always in order, don't you think?  And up top there's Hugo playing by himself, which must be from several weeks ago, because he seriously has done nothing of the sort this week (teething?  I won't pretend to know).  Zosia and I spent the minutes before the other children woke up this morning brainstorming a list of things we hope to do this summer and I am getting excited!

What new rhythms has your family been following this season?

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