Tuesday, May 22, 2012

8 Years, then and now

 (us in 2005, 2007, 2010, and 2012)
It's 8 years ago, and we're basically kids.  We get married the year of the cicada on a hot, humid, and humming May morning.  Barely old enough to legally buy a drink (ahem, perhaps I wasn't quite old enough), and thrilled with the opportunity to play house.  You make meals on the evenings that I get home late from class.  We love flying a kite at Piedmont park and playing board games.  We adopt a puppy and suddenly we really start to feel like a little family.

We finish up college, and are ready for an adventure.  Fast forward one move to Boston later.  We love cooking for friends, going out for walks, and camping.  Life is sweet.  I dream and dream of a baby, and when she comes, spend one full year smiling from ear to ear. You make a wonderful dad.

We move "back home," as our family grows.  A new home, a new job, and two new babies, and we learn all about patience, gentleness, and how to love one another more fully.  Who could imagine the joy these years would hold for us?  We love this little family and are quick to laugh at the silliness that abounds in the life around us.  We love a good family bikeride and a (slightly) competitive crossword puzzle.  We are the best of friends, you and I, and I have never felt lonely in all these years because of it.  

It still sometimes feels like we're playing house, but when I look at you I realize we've matured.  Yes, I think we're adults now, and life is still a wonderful adventure.  I am truly blessed.

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