Friday, March 9, 2012


Life seems to go more smoothly when it's warm enough to go outside. There is running off of energy, soaking up of sun, and our day-to-day develops an entirely new, more effortless rhythm. A smoothie date with the littlest ones seems entirely in order to celebrate.

Yes, I am thankful for these warm days, even if there is still a sprinkling of cold ones left this March. Yes, those are my children running around a neighborhood park barefoot. And yes, there's Hugo "grazing." He is part very sweet boy, part bovine these days. But how else will he get his daily dose of dirt? By the end of summer, these kids will have resilient immune systems and leathery feet. Perfect.

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The Benningtons said...

That first sentence describes my feelings exactly! It's been so hard being "trapped" indoors with three almost three-year olds these past few months, but finally yesterday (and today) it has been sunny and warm enough to walk to our neighborhood park and play! They are so much happier and mama's happier too just sitting in the sun, outside of the house, watching them wear themselves out for a good nap:) I posted a similar post yesterday!