Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Call Me Premature,

but I'm ready to go ahead and call it spring! Here is the evidence, you decide for yourself:

:: spring clothing is out of the attic and onto people's bodies, and winter clothing (save for a few items) is packed away. I have realized that the children have grown since last year. A lot. And now I am back to my eternal quest to figure out exactly the minimum amount of clothing that the children need (Right now I'm thinking four dresses, four shirts, and two shorts for the girls. A few onesies and something fancier for church should do the trick for Hugo). When you only have one drawer for clothing, you have to be selective! (although as I'm thinking about the fact that our kids spend most of their days running around like crazy outside, I'm realizing that maybe a few more changes of clothes would be nice to have).

:: the yolks of our eggs have become BRIGHT orange. We still get our eggs from the same farm, so I'm guessing this means that the chickens have gone off of feed and onto a natural outdoor diet? Does anyone who has kept chickens know why this might be?

:: we are in full swing planning for several exciting parties coming up this spring (baby shower, hypnobirthing picnic, AND Lily's third birthday. Woo hoo!).

:: Ben and I can quite comfortably sit on the deck and drink a glass of wine after the babies are in bed.

:: we have started defaulting to walking (/biking, in Ben's case) everywhere, and I'm loving the slower pace!

:: popping over to have an outdoor food-truck picnic with Ben has suddenly become quite alluring! I think we need to compile a Northern Virginia version of this. So far, I've been really impressed with food truck fare!

Can you tell by all the exclamation marks that I'm excited? Spring is perfect here in Virginia. I'm so ready.

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