Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fly Away

Ben woke me up this morning and told me it was raining. Even half asleep I squealed and said, "I get to wear my rain boots!" When the girls came out to breakfast, there was a wrapped white package on the dining room table: a present for a friend's birthday. They colored until it was time to go, and it looked so cute: Zosia, Lily, and Hugo each made their way into the wrapping.

We then spent the morning with airplanes and observation towers: a kids dream come true, I tell you! The volunteer helping kids into the plane noticed Lily, laughed, and commented, "She's a ham, isn't she?" Boy, did he have her number. It's fun to have a kid that lights up a room full of strangers like that.

In other news, snack started out as oranges cut unto stars but soon grew into cheese, graham crackers, ham, and milk. Boy can we eat a snack!

And what would a nice afternoon be without some pretend play? "Princess and scuba divers" is the title of today's one act play. Why have I never thought of that combination before?

I'm joining Kerry and friends again this year in the I love series! I'm looking forward to settling into the groove of some daily observations!

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