Tuesday, January 31, 2012

This Crawling Thing

There you have it, friends. An official crawl. From a pile of blocks over to mama, straight for the phone. This boy seems so innocent, and yet he makes good time, especially when something exciting is present. His favorite seems to be power cords. Yes, these are the days in which I have realized that my house is not at all babyproofed. Nor am I exactly sure how I will get it to be babyproofed. After all, he has big sisters who like to play with all sorts of things like shells, beads, dominoes, and legos. Perhaps certain babyproofed "zones" without these toys? One floor of the house with baby safe stuff, with another for choking hazards? Or I could temporarily replace some of those tiny tiny toys with other things that are more baby friendly?

Here's where I need your advice! How do I do this?


Rosie said...

I generally have JP limit choking hazard toys/crayons/other toys he doesn't want Cecilia to mess with to a high enough surface that she can't reach, and then watch like a hawk to make sure that nothing falls... Or I hide those toys away and only make them available while she's napping, so there's no temptation (and there's an exciting toy to play with while I'm nursing her to sleep!).

But it's obviously easier with the first two because we haven't accumulated much that's off limits for the younger!

Adele said...

Hey Rosie! Oh, good tips. You would think I had this down, but somehow it takes me by surprise with each kid! I think high surfaces would work for many toys... but others, like legos, seem to make their way to the floor no matter what. I think I'll give the nap idea a try.