Thursday, January 12, 2012


Have you all heard of balance bikes? I'm sure you have: they're basically little bikes without pedals or gears. The idea is that toddlers can learn how to balance using these bikes (doing something called "coasting" in which they run up some speed and then lift their feet up). Then, when they are really really good at coasting, they can switch to a regular old bike and all they need to learn how to do is pedal.

See? That's coasting! "Santa Clause and Mrs. Clause" gave Lily an actual bona fide balance bike (Lily firmly believes Mrs. Clause is involved in the present delivery, however, she does not enter your home, because, "She's shy.")". We realized that Zosia's "big girl bike" was both a bit too big for her and over her head. Our solution? Ben took the thrift store bike we bought for her a year ago for $2.99 and took off the pedals and gears. According to Ben, all you need to do this is 2 wrenches, a screwdriver, a hammer, and some elbow grease. I'm only wishing we had thought of this in time to do it for both girls!

Ta da! And then when it's time, you can always put the pedals back on. For now, we're loving the balance bikes: it's amazing how quickly the kiddos pick up on it! We're balance biking all around the neighborhood these days.

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love love love!

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