Thursday, December 1, 2011

A little christmas embroidery

Our evening routine with Zosia goes something like this: after the other kids are in bed, we gather in the sofa and read the latest installment of Little House (currently On the Banks of Plum Creek, quite the page turner). We used to read these books during the day with both girls. I read the entirety of Little House in the Big Woods before I realized Lily wasn't really listening (and it was pretty much over her head), so during the day when Lily is around, we do simpler picture books. And in the evening, we get to do Zosia's favorite (and ours): Little House.

Have I told you how Zosia has internalized the storyline? She is ma. She wears an apron (even requesting to sleep in an apron), bustles around the house doing little chores here and there. She calls Ben, who is pa, "Charles." As in, "Good night, Charles! See you in the morning, Charles!" I get to be Mary (the eldest) Lily is Laura, quite appropriately, and of course Hugo is baby Carrie. My mom, I am told, is the horse: let no one ever minimize the love of a grandmother to play along with such games. Ah, but I digress.

The other day, during this reading time, as Ben was reading, I was sitting and working on a little Christmas embroidery project. Zosia was right next to me. And her eyes were glued on what I was doing. I had to ask her to move over a bit, because her attentive eyes were so close that I was nervous I would prick her with my needle.

Today, she asked if she could have a sewing project. Sure, I thought. If stringing popcorn worked so well, then why not colored thread on cloth? At the beginning of her quiet time, she looked like this: working away. And when I checked in on her an hour later:

Ta da! A Christmas tree, complete with a ladder she added "so I can climb up and put a star on top." I think ma would approve.


Aindrea said...

Too cute!

One and Doll said...

I have a rude question---do you know if those are my copies of the little house on the prairie- sometime in graduate school I lent out my set- and I miss them. they were from my grandmother. I really should just buy a new set soon but am trying to cover my bases...

Now on to the adoring- My entire childhood was spent pretending to be each of those characters. I can't wait to read them to Junia! I love the embroidery---and the Christmas tree ladder!!!!!

Adele said...

Thanks for reminding me: we do have your copies! We actually don't read from them (we have since gotten our own set from the thrift store), but I will send them your way along with our christmas mailings. How exciting to think that Junia could enjoy them soon (and the next one on the way!). Much love, dear friend.

Kerry said...

There is so much that I love about this post! Your embroidery is gorgeous! Hearing your tales of becoming the Ingalls family brings back fond memories of when Henry was Pa (or the fictitious 11 year old brother Henry) and I was Laura, or if I was cooking, cleaning, or knitting, Ma, and Nora was Baby Carrie (and later Baby Grace). Did you ever see our pictures of the actual Plum Creek? We went the summer before last.
Zosia might want to see it.
Lily as Laura... I love that so much! Somehow, I can see her feeling very much like Laura towards an older sister now and then. ;)