Friday, November 11, 2011

Dream Catcher

We have quite an elaborate bedtime routine that includes, among so many other things, praying for our dreams. Each girl loves the moment when we ask her "And what would you like to dream about tonight?" The list begins, "Merry-go-rounds, ice cream, chocolate, my family" and goes on and on. Lily in particular will come up with the most creative answers ("Stars" "raccoons" and many more). Zosia has been learning about native Americans in her preschool class, and was quite tickled by the idea of making her own dream catcher: a beautiful physical illustration of what we had been trying to tell her all along. God protects our whole selves: our waking selves, our sleeping selves.

Here's how it works. The dreams that are floating around the room enter into the web. The bad dreams are confusing, confused thoughts, and they get caught in the web. They stay there, and get eaten by that spider (the bead in the web). The good dreams trickle down to the feather that is hanging from the dream catcher, and drift right down to the sleeping mind.

The verdict this morning? It worked! And don't we all need more dreams about ice cream? Yes, I do think so.


Aindrea said...

Love this! When I taught 4th grade the kids were learning about Native Americans and we did a similar project. It was fun!

Irene said...

Racoons? :) Lily is too funny.

Kerry said...

Oh, I just spent a lovely time catching up with your little family! You have a beautiful rhythm to your days that you showcase here. The sweaters turned out so nicely! The dinos were terrific! Hugo is getting so big! Hugs to you all!