Thursday, November 10, 2011

About the Baby

You all must be wondering about Hugo. We spend so much of our day oohing and ahhing at him that it's a miracle that every blog post is not about him. We are actually obsessed with him, every single member of the family. Especially the girls. They are at once his mothers, his playmates, and his most enthusiastic fan club.

Sometimes I sneak him into my bedroom just so I can spend five minutes snuggling him all by myself. It's selfish, I know. But he's simply in quite high demand, I'm sure you understand.
Well, it turns out that such fame isn't necessarily the best for taking pictures. This weekend we placed him on a blanket in the warm autumn sun and thought, "Here. Now we will take some pictures." Selma ran up to lick him, the girls surrounded him like bees on honey, and then he spit up.
Oh, we all had a good laugh. And this guy? He is just his good old self. Level as his dad. Tall like his sisters. Curious and attentive to all of the life that is happening all around him. He is quiet, but never shies away from the chance to interact with anyone who is interested. He loves to "stand up," but spends more of his time mysteriously scooting a few feet in one direction or the other while we aren't looking. Is he crawling? It certainly doesn't seem like it, but how is he getting around so well?

Yes, it seems that a special place had been waiting for Hugo in this family of ours all along.


Aindrea said...

What a cute little stinker! Such a lucky boy to have such a family of admirers!

Irene said...

I can't believe how big he is and how he's holding himself up like that! Thanks for posting these lovely photos.

Adele said...

Aindrea, we are the ones who feel so lucky (and you know I must agree on the cute stinker front :-).

Adele said...

I know, Irene, he's getting so big! You won't believe it.