Monday, October 3, 2011

Tiny Sewing Lesson

This weekend Zosia decided she wanted a sewing lesson on my machine. We were having just the perfect weekend for this sort of thing: not too much structure, and yet everyone was busy with some little task, and so I took a break from the little project I was working on for the girls to give her a "sewing lesson." This consisted of roughly tracing her dollie, and then allowing Zosia to sew the straightaways. To give a bit of a disclaimer, Zosia is my very careful child: she is just 4, but a very cautious, risk-averse 4. Even so, after letting out a sigh of relief that she still had all of her digits, I heard the pitter patter of little feet and realized that Lily also wanted a sewing lesson on my machine.

This had to look different, and so Lily just looked on while I, very roughly, sewed a dress for her dollie, too. She seemed very happy with the arrangement.

How exciting to think that these little ones will be able to make things all on their own!

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Kerry said...

So sweet! And I love those dollies!