Thursday, September 22, 2011

An Apple Cake

The seasonal transitions have begun: we have been tucking away our summer clothing and pulling out warmer fall clothing, cooking cool weather recipes in the crockpot, and tucking away summer books and pulling out Autumn books. This year, we have even added a few new books to our collection, which is quite exciting for the little ones (and me! I get so excited when a new book enters the house!).

Yesterday morning, Lily and I sat down to read "The Apple Cake", an adorable little story about an old woman who wants to make an apple cake but has no apples, only a basket of plums. She embarks upon a little adventure, makes many friends, and does eventually come home with a basket of apples for her cake.

Well, we realized that we just had to make an apple cake.

So we went to the kitchen and started baking the cake. We mixed the dry ingredients, added a healthy portion of butter, and just before adding in the eggs, realized that we also did not have any apples (How can this be? Don't we always have apples in the fridge? The answer, I learned, is no).

We didn't have quite the adventure of the old woman, but one quick jaunt down to The Local Market later not only did we have our two baking apples (and one for snacking), but a basket of figs and a couple of tootsie rolls from their candy jar.

And the apple cake was definitely worth the trip. Sweet and buttery, and perfect with some cold cream drizzled on top. We hosted not one, but two teaparties in the afternoon for some lovely neighborhood ladies (one 14 months, the other 4, but both quite dignified nevertheless). I think we have another fall tradition on our hands!


Taryn said...

What a lovely family you are =)

Anonymous said...

Love that market and oh that cake looks lovely!

xo Annie

Mackenzie said...

Hello! I just found your blog from the yarn along links and I wanted to say how much I liked it! My kids and I just read the same book and baked a lovely apple cake too. Please feel free to peek at my blog, it's at a bit of a stall right now, but I'm hoping to be back to it soon!

Sig Casselman said...

I Love the Concept of Simple Living! It's great to bring things back to the basics. Less Chemicals as well.