Friday, August 12, 2011

Zosia's View

There is a budding photographer in the house, I just couldn't help myself from showcasing a few of her favorite pictures. Here is the part of the couch Zosia affectionately calls her "egg" (something to do with the dinosaur pretend world she lives in). This spot must be very special, because it got about 50 pictures.

The window box out front where not one but two batches of petunias have up and died on us (!), but worthy of a photo none the less,

And Hugo's middle, which she carefully documented in her "Hugo from Top to Bottom" series (most of which turned out blurry).

Any other budding young photographers out there? Has anyone actually purchased a camera for a little one (we do have a birthday right around the corner)?

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Kerry said...

She does have a good eye that girl! As for the cameras... Henry has had 2 "kid" cameras and neither worked well at all. Mostly I let him use out old point and shoot. It is pretty old but it is tough and has a decent image stabilizer in it which can help eliminate some of the blurriness. Honestly, I am a big believe in "real" vs. "kid" stuff and I think there are some good deals out there for point and shoots without all the bells and whistles. Looking forward to seeing more of her work!