Monday, August 8, 2011

The Season's First

This year, given the many (very little and very cute) competing demands on our time and attention, we made the decision to just grow a few things that we know our family loves: tomatoes, basil, and strawberries. The strawberries get nibbled and eaten by the littlest of the family and occasionally brought by the handful for adults to enjoy: the basil gets made into pesto, which is a bit of an addiction in these parts: and the tomatoes get sliced, salted, and eaten immediately.

Above: the first ripe "big" heirloom tomatoes of the season, a beautiful pinkish/orangeish/yellowish hue. And absolutely delicious!

I do dream of one day having a huge garden full of fresh fruits and veggies, but for now this will do.

What are you growing?

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Lauren Oliver said...

Unfortunately, our extreme heat and drought have left my garden rather empty as of last week. I had to dig up the peppers (that never produced) and tomatoes (that had stopped producing what little they did) since they were just becoming shriveled and sad-looking every evening by the time I watered them. So, now I'm just trying to keep my herbs alive, and they are actually doing fairly well. And, I'm trying to figure out if I have purslane that popped up on its own right in the middle of the plot.... would be neat if it were something edible amidst the very poor harvest this year. Enjoy those delicious, fresh tomatoes for me!