Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Baby that lived in a Pack

How could a woman survive without the miraculous pack (or, in our case, sling or moby wrap)? This baby comes with us everywhere: swim lessons, walks, friends houses. He vacuums with me (I think one of this favorite things!), goes to the midwife with me, sits in the rocking chair with me when I need a little break. He acts as a sort of bib, given that half the time I eat my meals over his head. He is awake in his pack, sleeps in his pack, and nurses in his pack. This baby is quite completely a pack baby, and for that I am truly grateful.

Many a friend has commented on the fact that from a short distance I continue to look pregnant, because Hugo is continuously strapped to my front, and I am not complaining (talk to me in a few months when he's doubled his weight a few more times). Not one bit. Because right next to my heart is exactly where he belongs.

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The Benningtons said...

Very sweet. Very cute. And I'm sure - very helpful!