Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Painted Paper Lanterns

I'm sure you've seen these paper lanterns all over the place. You can find them up at Target, Ikea, or just about any home store. They're adorable, inexpensive (especially when on sale), and very cheerful. You can get single large ones, small ones, square ones, circular ones. This weekend I picked up a string of white lanterns with a goal in mind: a family art project.

Within a few minutes, I had everyone in the family: Ben, Lily, Zosia, even my mom, painting their own little lantern with some watercolor paints. I love them! Each one is so different, just like the people in our family. And the truth is, with watercolor paints, you really can't go wrong.

What sorts of family art projects have you been embarking upon? Please share, I love new ideas!


Handmade Mommy said...

Just stumbled upon your blog, and am loving it! These paper lanterns are so cute! I'll have to give it a try:)
Here is what my kiddos and I have been up to...mostly crafting, trying to make memories with the little ones!

Ms. T. said...

Hey, friend! We did some Zentangle art in Chautauqua and also did some painting with acrylics and gel mediums. I'd love to come over and share the painting with the girls.... they'd love it and it's totally kid friendly!

Aindrea said...

Have you tried Clothespin people? I remember doing them for school projects when I was little. We made leprechauns and hula girls. You can find directions online, but they're really simple. Here's a picture I found for you:

Adele said...

Aindrea, those are *adorable*. We haven't made any, but I see them in our future!

Aindrea said...

You can actually use them as Christmas tree ornaments, too. My mom had ones that looked like little nutcrackers that she just clipped on the branches. I look forward to seeing photos of yours someday :)