Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wednesday at the Little Table

They're always eating at our big table, so it seems only fair that once in a while we dine down at their level. So on Wednesdays, we eat our dinner entirely at the little table.

Since we're their guests, it seems only proper that they set the table, don't you think? (I adore Zosia's getup in this shot: shawl, purse, and only one braid in her hair)

But since it's their dinner, they get to plan the menu, which means something more kiddish than the usual around here. Last night the menu was chicken fingers, mac and cheese, peas and popsicles for dessert. Quite the dinner party with two very gracious hosts, I must say.


Anonymous said...

A lovely and delightful practice!!

Lauren Oliver said...

What a fabulous idea-- I love it!

Confessions of a PTO Mom said...

At least they picked a veggie, too! And peas at that!