Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Merely a Flesh Wound

My children have developed a love of "ice skating." Ice skating in July, the cousin of Christmas in July, I guess. And what this means is they put socks on and run full speed in the hallway of the house (which has wood floors) "ice skating" from one room to the other. There tends to be a lot of laughing, shrieking, holding hands, and that sort of thing. Think hybrid of pairs skating and roller derby.

Yesterday I heard a huge thud followed by a proclamation of "Chin hurt." No tears, no crying, just a statement. And then the running resumed. I only noticed something had happened when I discovered some blood on a pillow (and on Lily's arm). Aha. Her chin had busted open, and this tough girl wasn't even going to pretend she was hurt.

A call to Ben, a trip to the ER, and three stitches later, she is just fine, and quite proud of her stitches and hospital bracelet. She didn't even cry when they were giving her stitches. Merely a flesh wound, I guess?


One and Doll said...

Brave, Brave Lily!

Ms. T. said...

A knocked out tooth and now stitches on the chin. And yet Lilly never blinks an eye. Maybe she can teach me how to be brave. Love that girl!

Adele said...

It's true: I think we all have a lesson to learn from Lily about bravery. I actually feel lucky that she's been so relatively safe, given her fearlessness!

Lauren Oliver said...

Oh my goodness- what a girl! Where does she get that?! ;)