Saturday, July 23, 2011

Out to Dry

There is one thing I've been wishing for during these hot summer days: days when the thermometer creeps up to 100 degrees (!) and we do all that we can to stay cool both inside and out. We have been grilling out instead of cooking inside, staying in the shade wherever we go, and little Hugo has been temporarily removed from the pack to relax on a blanket under a tree, because boy can he generate some body heat when pressed up against me.
As a family with three little kids, one of whom is in cloth diapers, we tend to do a good bit of laundry. I would say at least a load a day, sometimes two. And all of that drying in the machine generates a good bit of heat! This morning Ben put up a clothes line in the yard, and it might as well have been Christmas morning, I was so happy!

Then imagine my elation when I discovered that Zosia apparently has a hidden passion for hanging clothes out to dry. She ran outside to help, she was so excited.

Look at that meticulous technique! All I can say is that the standard of household chores is going way up when this girl is old enough to take the reigns. I believe that sheet she's working on ended up with nine clothespins, by the way. Bring on the wind, that thing is not coming down.


KnitterMama said...

I have a clothes line to be hung in the waiting myself. He better get to it! I loved this post!

Irene said...

Wow, Zosia is impressive. She looks like a pro out there! Miss you all!

Adele said...

I highly recommend it! In this heat, it only takes a little bit longer than using a dryer!

Lauren Oliver said...

I love my clothesline... I can't remember the last time I dried clothes in the dryer even though it's out in the garage. In the heat here, the clothes I washed today dried in no time! I do miss the fluffiness of dryer-dried towels, but overall, why waste energy when the sun and air does the job?!