Monday, July 25, 2011

Bookshelf 2.0

We've been trying to make a small selection of books regularly accessible to the girls. Of course we've always had books around, but usually on a conventional bookshelf (spines facing out). While this works well for an adult who knows what he/she wants, it can be difficult for a little one to even know what is available without seeing the cover. Our first attempt looked something like this:

a simple beam mounted to the wall. It worked as far as making the books engaging and accessible, but was far from kid friendly: Lily would get so frustrated trying to place the books back on the shelf just so so that they wouldn't fall over. So really, it defeated the purpose.

The week after we mounted this shelf, I saw this post, spied the bookshelf in one of the pictures, and thought: aha, that's perfect! So with my sweetest expression on my face, I approached Ben and asked if he would make me a shelf like that, pretty please. And just about all the women in this family know that as long as you say pretty please you will usually get what you want from Ben.

So here it is, the kid friendly bookshelf! I must say, as someone who is not very handy with tools, I continue to be impressed by my husband! And the girls were both quite tickled to wake up to find the bookshelf all hung up, ready to use.

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Irene said...

What a huge improvement! And with the added benefit of fewer loud thumps of books falling to the floor while sweet Hugo is trying to sleep. :) Nice job Ben!