Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Lady of the House

I'm so glad that someone is tending to the day to day things around here.

Things like washing,

and drying the dishes.

Making sure the baby is fed,

and very well loved.
Thomas More once said that "The ordinary acts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest." I think this lady of the house understands his sentiment. What would we do without her?


The Yellow Door Paperie said...

So so beautiful. What a sweet girl you have!

Confessions of a PTO Mom said...

What a lovely quote... thank you for sharing that. It has more importance to some than you might think!

Meghan said...

What a sweetheart! I especially love the pictures of her sitting in the rocker nursing her baby.

Adele said...

Meghan, I know! I think that is one of my favorites, too.

Johanna said...

What sweet photos of your little mamma. I love this quote, thank you for sharing it.