Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Warm Legs

We did go outside yesterday! And it was still cold. Brr. But it is refreshing to pop out for a bit, and I am a sucker for bright red baby cheeks.

I am still learning ways to keep little ones warm, and I have had a bit of a dressing conundrum. Real pants, things like jeans, corduroys, etc, are not well liked around here. The girls have realized they aren't that comfortable (and who can blame them?) and flat out boycott them. So the girls are perpetually in leggings, which is just fine by me, but really doesn't keep them warm in the middle of winter. I tried my hand at Ginny's leg warmers tutorial, and am happy to report that they are a hit! Zosia likes them because she believes that leg warmers are something that a ballerina would wear, and Lily decided that she does like them, even though there was a bit of frustration at first that they are neither pants nor socks. Oh well.

But the real good news is that they are made out of wool and seem to keep the girls a bit more comfortable outside. Now to resolve the issue of keeping a 1-year old's hands (who politely refuses to wear mittens) warm in the cold. Any ideas?


Sarah Jane said...

Great little leg warmers. I could never get Julia to keep them on so I gave them to my niece.
And mitten, I just tell them they can't go on without mittens which doesn't work very well when I want them to go out! Good luck with that one!:)

Adele said...

Ah yes, I think I am realizing that 2 is just a better age for wearing mittens. Maybe I'll give some fingerless mittens a try.

Angela said...

great idea, I'm in the process of fashining a fleece overshirt with mittens built in to the sleeves for N, as she also refuses mittens.

Victoria Hutt said...

Oh Angela, I had the same idea for that age of prefering to freeze their hands off than wear mittens. I was thinking some kind of sweatshirt with built in hands for under their coat, although I was going to add a balaclava/hood to it as well. I imagine this piece of clothing every time we're outside but haven't managed to actually get it together yet. Another idea I had was adding buttons to the coat sleeves to attach mittens to?

Adele said...

Angela and Victoria, great idea! I found a fleece coverall with built in mittens, and it worked wonderfully in the snow-- no complaining, and they stayed put for over an hour each day!