Monday, December 13, 2010

A Quiet Space

It has been a blustery week. My goal of spending a bit of time outside each day has sometimes just become unreasonable, and we have been finding ways to transform our little home into a creative abode. For me that has meant sewing, knitting, and other little craft projects, which I hope to share more of this coming week. For the little ones that has meant a bit of everything: coloring, "cooking" with dry beans, playing doctor, and pretending to be dinosaurs. And I must say, a week into this, I am not feeling the least bit stir crazy. Just content, warm, and feeling lucky to have this quiet space to be together.


KnitterMama said...

Oh that sounds so nice. Nothing like warmth and home to make you want more warmth and home. Enjoy!

Johanna said...

sounds like a lovely way to spend your week. It is getting so cold (-20) here that we are having to find more and more ways to entertain ourselves too.

Adele said...

Oh my, -20, I can hardly believe it! Yes, sounds like time to get cozy at home. ;-)