Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Seeing Double

We live about a mile from where my family lived when I was born. It's funny visiting places that I remember from my own early childhood, places that are familiar from memories, stories, images. And every now and then I realize that my own children are walking the same ground I walked on, touching the same surfaces, living the same stories.

Above: Zosia and me, separated by a few decades but kindred kindred spirits nevertheless. Can you tell who's who?


Kerry said...

This is really something special for them to do. That most likely won't happen for my kiddos with my own past as we lived far away and no family are there. I was a bit sad when Neal's family moved off the farm last year because I wanted the kids to have that too, but I know it was a good move for them. They still own it so the kids can go play there sometimes too.
That must be you on the bottom. Zosia does look like you though, doesn't she?

Once Upon A Parent said...

That is just really cool!

eKay said...

Amazing!! About the only way to tell is from the difference in modern camera quality, you two are beautifully similar!