Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Seasons Turning Supper

We truly are in that in-between time. It's crisp in the mornings, but warm in the sunshine. Some leaves are falling, but flowers are still in bloom. I find my own spirit turning inwards and my energies turning towards our home: sorting autumn clothes, going through blankets, tucking away summer dresses. But in reality, every day is a gamble, some feeling like a warm summer day, others ushering in the cool winds of autumn.

Yesterday as I looked at our dinner plates, I realized that our meal was a perfect reflection of the seasonal ambiguity. Late harvest heirloom tomatoes, still in bounty, a slice of homemade whole wheat bread, and some beef stew, a harbinger of the cooler months ahead.

This is the in-between time, a time of liminality. It's a time of energy and wonder, of looking back and forward at once.

Are the seasons turning where you are?


Johanna said...

such a lovely in between meal! You summed up the season perfectly, although here in the Yukon-fall is here indeed...infact it is almost on it's way out :o(

Once Upon A Parent said...

Oh stew sounds so yummy. And homegrown tomatoes too! I miss dinners together.

Adele said...

Johanna, I can't believe it-- September and moving into the winter. I think you will need some snowshoes. ;-) Annie, perhaps we'll have you closer by in the near future? We're certainly hoping so!

Lauren Oliver said...

Aw- I love those in-between times! August through October was one of my favorite times in Boston just for that reason. I love the feeling of transition. Here it's still summery, although it felt cool (if stiflingly humid) today, with a high of only 88 (but lows only in the 70s). I envy your seasons!!!