Sunday, August 29, 2010

Celebrating Summer's Bounty

We have been busy celebrating summer's bounty around here. Every now and then we'll catch a cool wind that reminds me that autumn is right around the corner. And while I must admit that autumn is my favorite season, I still find myself grasping at the last few weeks of summer, trying the live them as fully as possible.

Some ways we've been celebrating the bounty:
  1. Weekly meals centered around Ben's homemade pesto.
  2. Darting out to pick tomatoes from the garden before every meal.
  3. Dressing all three girls of the house in summer dresses.
  4. Playing at the pool with friends.
  5. Iced coffee and tea.
  6. Allowing the children to get inappropriately wet wherever we go.
  7. Setting up a picnic blanket and making a makeshift "home" on our summer adventures.
  8. Popsicles (frozen mango juice is our favorite!).
  9. Spending hot days in our shady home organizing every corner of the house.
  10. Feeling entirely comfortable leaving the house barefoot.
How have you been celebrating the season's bounty?

1 comment:

Once Upon A Parent said...

Oh Adele, how lovely! How I do miss the shadiness of that neighborhood. And oh how I'd love to sample Ben's homemade pesto some time. Perhaps next summer which will be here before we know it. Yeah! Great to see all you today. It truly feeds my soul!