Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Summer To-Do List

-plant and enjoy a vegetable garden
-take children out to play in the rain
(thanks, Ben)
-buy a beautiful night gown and wear it
-go swimming in a creek
-make and eat many popsicles (thanks, Em)
-get tan lines
-oh wait, get rid of tan lines

-plant flowers in window boxes
-eat a lot of ice cream
-go to the 4-H fair
-buy as many peaches as possible and freeze them
-take a break at least once an hour to delight in my children (this is one of my favorites!)
-put up a clothes line

-dress Selma up in outrageous bandannas
-keep flowers alive in window boxes
-make pesto with our basil once a week

And my, here we find ourselves on the cusp of August. I've got to get busy! How are your summer to-do lists progressing?


Once Upon A Parent said...

Oh what a great list. And glad to see you have done so much of it. I think my favorite is the taking a break once an hour to enjoy your sweet girls. Love the pics of them in the post below.

Kerry said...

Oh yes, I love the idea of taking regular breaks to enjoy the kiddos! I never did make a summer to-do list. Is it too late? Similar to your peaches, I've been wanting to make tons of tomato sauce and can or freeze it. That time comes in August here in MN. Tomatoes are an end of summer treat!

eKay said...

you let me know when you want to go swimming in a creek and I am there...i love swimming especially in cool running water with my favorite ladies! Have a wonderful time this week, sorry I will miss you!

Adele said...

Annie, Kerry-- yes, I agree, there's something magical about actually taking a break to enjoy the kiddos. Emily, when can we go creek swimming together?

Suz said...

Adele, I so enjoy your blog. :) I stumbled on a site today that made me think of you -- .
It is a network of Christian blogs exploring the intersections between work and faith. I think you might enjoy wandering there a little at some point. Peace!

Vicki said...

Oh, I love your list! And I hadn't thought about freezing the peaches. We made pie and are making some same with orange peel, yummmm.
It sounds like you're having fun and really, we agree out her on the left coast, that's what it's all about!
You have cheered me today.

Adele said...

Suz, what a great blog, thanks for passing that along! I love the first sentence of their "about" section: "We believe God cares about our daily work." Amen to that! I am hooked! ;-)