Saturday, July 3, 2010


My heart still longs for the beautiful potential of a hike: the miles under my feet, the many views in my memories, the discovery of beauty. So we snuck away, us two delinquent parents, and made a morning of it, going to our favorite hiking spot in the area, one we walked on many times as teenagers, sneaking away for kisses behind trees.

And it was all still there, just as I remembered it: the muddy path that emerges onto a beautiful stream, the big rocks that are perfect for hopping, the swimming hole, the surprising opening to the Potomac River. We spent the morning chasing each other up hills (note to self: Ben always wins), dipping our feet in cold water, and eating what could only be described as a peanut butter and jelly ball. And the trees are still just fine for sneaking kisses.

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