Thursday, February 18, 2010

February 18: I love

being attached to my two little girls. As in, lugging a 25 pound 10-month old on my back all morning while I do chores. Lily and I have a standing date around 10 each morning in her carrier (usually strapped to my back) while I tidy the house, start some dishes, vacuum, start some laundry. As long as she's in the backpack I can't put her down, so I think I've been a more productive housewife than usual. Yesterday Zosia and I even made some banana muffins (heart shaped, too... wish I had snapped a picture before they got eaten up) while Lily was hanging out in the pack.

Lily spent many a day as a newborn being carried around. For a little while there I thought that she had outgrown it for good. But it seems as if being attached-- including getting into our bed, nursing through the day, and being carried around-- is here to stay for the time being. Will I be lugging her around through her teen years? Someone please tell me no. But in the mean time I'm enjoying all of this closeness and praying that my back holds up.


Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

I'm kind of counting on my April baby girl enjoying the sling... oh, I hope, I hope... for productivity's sake and because being close is just... perfect.

KnitterMama said...

It is so great to see a picture of you!

Kerry said...

So sweet! I thought Nora was big but I think Lily has her beat. She is such a cutie! I love carrying my babes too. I am working on sewing up a mei tai so that I can carry Nora on my back. The sling and Nora's wiggliness don't allow for that.

Adele said...

Christian, I'm sure she will-- it is just so cozy! And Kerry, good for you and the mei tai... I thought of sewing one but was a bit too intimidated.