Saturday, January 30, 2010


I love this purse and have just the right fabric for one (thank you, free patterns!). Now I just need some more thread.
I discovered this blog yesterday. Beautiful.
I'm proud that there's not too much that captures my consummeristic desires these days, but is it wrong to say, "ooh! ooh! i want, i want, i want!"
And I think that there are some baby pinafores coming Lily's way. I love making stuff for that cutie.

And here's a little snapshot from our normal: lovely idea, Anna. Those may or may not be my pajama bottoms, lying just where I took them off. Note to self: tidy house. And do you recognize that mirror, Annie? Yet to be hung up, but lovely nevertheless.

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Once Upon A Parent said...

Ah I do remember that mirror. I know it has some kind of history as it was found in an attic in Connecticut.
I love all the craftiness floating in the air lately...spring must be coming. I found that shirt pattern this morning, Simplicity 3835, and would be happy to share if you don't find one yourself. It would be a very happy reason to come for a visit. Hope you all are enjoying the snow.