Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Very Pregnant in Advent

We're in the third trimester here. That time that things get uncomfortable-- hips sore, body heavy, bathroom breaks a little too frequent. I love pregnancy artwork-- paintings, sculptures, photographs. But it is interesting to note that very rarely does this artwork depict a woman truly on the cusp of birth. I would say that months four, maybe five, are the months that are deemed art-worthy. Month nine is large, comical. People who haven't been around pregnant women lately will exclaim "I've never seen a pregnant woman that big!" (and by this I mean my dad). And strangers will ask if it's twins. But no, the truth is, that's just what a really pregnant woman looks like. She looks imposing, clumsy, slow.

And this is just where we find ourselves in the Advent season. Mary is pregnant, very pregnant. All of humanity is pregnant in expectation, hope, uncertainty. The birth is coming. The surges have started softening the cervix. There may be moments that it feels like this is it, this is the birth. And then the moment passes, sleep eases the feeling, and it's back to just being unseemingly pregnant.

And pregnant with what? A child-- an unexpected child. A child that we feel has hope, that we just know has some sort of special purpose. The Son of God? He remains cloaked in the darkness of the womb. It is an uncertain time, a time of longing to see the outcome, to be able to see this child when he is crawling, see him when he is talking, imagine what he will become. Even to see his groggy eyes gaze up into ours when still covered in amniotic fluid.

But for now, we remain pregnant. Large. Uncomfortable. Uncertain, curious. And longing.


Once Upon a Parent said...

I had to read that first line many times. For a moment I thought you were pregnant again...great figurative and symbolic writing today.

Adele said...

Ha! Yes, I should clarify-- I just got an email from my brother-in-law. I am not pregnant. ;-)

KRM said...

I thought you were prego again too

Adele said...

Clearly I allowed my imagination to get swept away! No, purely figurative-- I should have been more clear. And don't worry-- if we should become pregnant, I will announce it loudly and clearly without any ambiguity.

One and Doll said...

I like to think that Mary went to Bethleham with Joseph (not historically speaking of course) because she was so damn pregnant and thought, "sure I"ll sit on a donkey for 3 days if it'll induce labor." Funny how desperate one becomes to have that baby out of them.

Adele said...

I read somewhere that the ultimate Advent prayer is "come on! come on!" Which I think only a woman who was recently pregnant can truly understand.