Friday, December 11, 2009

Some Guests on our Shelf

A lovely little package arrived from Israel the other day... which is just so perfect, since it's Jesus and family! I always loved having a nativity set growing up, and knew I wanted something special that would be touchable, playable, but still not your average "toy." This mama, papa, and baby set stuck out, and are just perfect on a shelf that's eye-level for Zosia. And I loved the fact that Mary had long black hair and Joseph is depicted as an old man-- both unusual depictions of Mary and Joseph, but most likely correct!

I wasn't sure whether Advent talk/celebrations were getting through to Zosia-- she's just so tiny, and if you think about it, the whole idea of Christmas is very complex. A birthday for someone far away, long ago. Someone that we "see" at church, but who isn't here in body.

But the other day she emerged from her room with a baby blanket over her head, and when I asked what she was playing, she said, in that "how can you not know, Mama!" sort of way, "I'm Mary!" And then she pulled out a baby doll and started bossing Jesus around. I love that kid.


Robbie Pruitt said...

Hey sis! What a great nativity scene! From Israel huh, that's too cool. Hey, love the "you might also like widget." I pirated that Idea for my blog. Thanks!

Adele said...

Thanks, Robbie. Glad to have passed on the "you might also like" to another blogger... I definitely found it on other blogs myself, too.

Anonymous said...

Z is so sweet. Love the touchable nativity too!