Monday, October 5, 2009

Nature Shelf

I received this little shelf for free from my Aunt, who was getting rid of it from her bathroom. We've been wanting to designate a special place in our home to collect little things from nature-- Zosia is quite the naturalist, and rarely comes home from a walk without a set of treasures in her pocket or basket.

I used some scraps of fabric to re-line the bottom, and have placed our nature shelf right by our front door, so Zosia can place her treasures there as soon as she comes in!


More than Survival said...

GREAT idea!! I am a fellow nature lover and would have adored something like this when I was a kid!! Having a special (yet organized) place to display treasures is a special gift you are giving your daughter. ENJOY!!

Sherri S said...

Oh so cute! What a neat idea! Love it.

Adele said...

Thanks! I'm hoping it helps cultivate a love for natural beauty!